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LOGOS ARCHITECT, began his activity in the fiels of Project Management and Architectural Project Development. After some time, the company has added to the former activities, those of Engineering Services, both for Civil Works as for MEP Facilities (Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing), not only in the fiels of Project Development but also for Supervision of Construction. Nowadays, LOGOS can offer a wide range of Services in many Fiels, to fit the requirements of their clients.

LOGOS ARCHITECT, is a company born to work in International developments. Our geographic environment is the World. This attitude starts from the very beginning, when Project Management for different countries initiated the activity of the company. This activity has lead us to evolve up to work in different Continents.

Because we believe that the Best Services requires the Best Companies, we have some special Agreements with two very close and friend Companies:

For Architecture:

RICARDO BOFILL - Taller de Arquitectura, one of the best Brands in the world as architecture reference.

For Engineering:

FOREST, Gestión Integral de Ingeniería SL, close partnership related company.



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We Manage the Project to coordinate all the stakeholders, and to accomplish with the final objectives for the full Content of the Scope of Works, Quality, Costs and Timing.

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We can work in two very defferent Fields: Full Architecture Design & Development, or strictly as Detail Developers of Concepts by Design Architects. In both cases our aim is to fulfill Projects ready to Build.


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We can work integrated in a multi-disciplinary team, working with Architects to develop Structures or MEP facilities for buildings, or we can work as a standalone team for Civil Engineering (Transport, Ports, Hidraulycs, special structures, etc).